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What is Health?

Relative Health

Have you ever heard someone with Irritable Bowel Syndrome say that they were in good health, between flare ups? How about someone with eczema, when their medication was suppressing the symptoms? What most people consider health today might at best be termed relative health.


Relative health has two major facets. A person who feels healthier than when they are having a major flareup of something. And the person who looks at someone else who is suffering much more and says “I’m healthy compared to him”. But is this true health?


In society today, when we look around, finding someone who is truly healthy can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Most people have something, whether they talk about it or not. Headaches, allergies, back or joint pain, getting sick easily, skin conditions, weight issues, injuries, and food intolerance's are just where the list begins. Even children today usually have something.

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The 5 Aspects of Health

So what is true health?


There are five major aspects within the person, which if one of these are off will affect the others. Each person functions on the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic levels. All of these need to be considered when assessing health. For example, if someone has a migraine headache.

  • Physically they are in pain

  • Mentally they cannot focus and concentrate

  • Emotionally they can be short tempered or down and out

  • Spiritually they are not functioning

  • Energetically they do not have much left over to put into things


You can look at health like a pentagon, if one side changes, all of the other sides need to shift to accommodate the change.

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Are You Moving Towards Or Away From Health?

Have you ever thought about this, how to know in which direction your moving health wise? It’s a topic rarely spoken about. But in the study of Homeopathy there are three ways of knowing if a client is progressing or digressing. Movement in the direction of health will include at least one of these.


1-Symptoms moving from more important to less important organs

An example of this might be if someone is having heart palpitations. This clears and the person gets a kidney infection. This clears and they get leg cramps.


2-Symptoms moving from inward to outward

A common example of this is young children and babies with asthma. The asthma clears and a skin rash appears. If the skin rash is suppressed the asthma will reappear.


3-Symptoms moving from higher up on the body to lower on the body

This is readily noticeable in skin rashes. A rash on the chest clears and then a rash on the stomach appears. After a while this clears and a rash appears on the leg.

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Quantum and Health

The main players in the Quantum world are energy, connection and consciousness. We see how one atom cloned from another retains a conscious connection no matter how many miles apart they are.

We also see how photons, (a type of sub atomic particle), readily shift back and forth between energy and matter.


What if your consciousness could inform your photons to utilize energetic shifts to uplevel the physical Matter you call your body? True, it’s a little over simplified, but this is basically what happens during an NDE.

During an NDE there is a major shift in consciousness, resulting in a shift in personality. Through this the energy levels and flows to the body are upleveled. This results in changes on the physical level. It is similar to turning on a light switch. But sometimes the physical body can take a little time to catch up.

We can also see this in what used to be called Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). Now it’s called Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). As the person shifts between different identities, (levels of consciousness), in a matter of seconds, the physical body also changes. It has been medically documented, in the same body, that one personality can have diabetes while another does not. One identity can have cancer and another not. From here we clearly see how disease is rooted in the personality and shifts with consciousness.

A silhouette of a person with a glowing light in the centre of their chest with energy radiating outwards.
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