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Practitioner Coaching

You're Not Alone...

Now offering coaching to practitioners of all types in a variety of areas including...

  • Spiritual Growth

  • Professional Growth

  • Quantum Health

  • Quantum Healing

  • Hypnosis

  • Coaching

  • Case Review

  • Brainstorming Cases

  • Practitioner Client Relationships

  • Website review

  • Professionalizing your business

  • Community

All sessions are held via Zoom and are conducted in English. Advanced registration is required.

A Hand Up

What would it be like to have someone accompanying you on your journey?

  • Someone who has walked this road before and gotten many tips and learned many tricks to smooth the path…

  • Someone who can give you a hand up at difficult points along the way…

  • Someone with experience in high impact coaching… 


We all know 
that a journey of a thousand miles starts with just one step, 
but since we’re all in the middle of our journey, 
it’s important to recognize where we’re up to
in order to determine the many possibilities
that our next step can be



As a practitioner you know that life can get pretty complicated. There’s your…

  • Personal Life

  • Family Life

  • Spiritual Growth

  • Professional Growth

  • Clients’ Needs

  • Business Upkeep & Growth


Though each of these can be challenging and demanding, finding a balance is crucial to both you and your family.

A person standing on top of rocky outcropping extends a hand to another person climbing up

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Next Steps

Try a Free coaching session

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All sessions are one full hour, 60 minutes

All prices are recommended and can be changed at checkout

Choose a package to fit your needs

  • 3 sessions $333

  • 6 weekly sessions $555

  • 9 weekly sessions $888

  • 13 weekly sessions $1,111

Client Cases & Skills

As practitioners we’re all constantly being challenged by our clients. Have you ever wanted someone who could…

  • Offer more perspectives on your cases

  • Suggest alternative approaches

  • Recommend practical resources

  • Assist in building your skills

  • Is willing to review a case in depth and go through it with you

A Typical Individual Coaching Session

  • Is held over Zoom

  • Runs for 60 minutes

  • Will have several action take-a-ways

  • Will be accompanied by homework

  • You will receive an audio copy of the session

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