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About Malka

An Out of the Box Story

Everyone has their unique story, as do I. This may shed some light on why I was an out-of-the-box thinker from an early age, which naturally led me into the field of alternative medicine.

Island Park, Long Island, New York was typical suburbia in the 1960s. The neighborhood we lived in was mostly mid to upper middle class with each family having two kids, a cat or dog, and a car. Our family was not in that most bracket being lower middle class with four kids, a dog and a car. I was the third child and only girl. While my two older brothers and I were just sixteen months apart there was a seven-year gap between my younger brother and myself. Did I mention that my parents were young? I was born when my Mother was turning twenty. 

Keeping up with my two older brothers I was a consummate tomboy. Basketball, softball and handball, were just the tip of the sports iceberg. Every year when our school pants were cut into summer shorts we were generally instructed to be in for dinner and then again when the lights went on as we filled the days with games, sports and swimming at the local beach. Since there were plenty of neighbors with kids around our age, boys, I was right in there with them, though the only girl. There were also plenty of girls sports teams, which I generally excelled at. In high school I made the varsity teams each year, and when I graduated everyone was sure that I’d be in the Olympics, though they couldn’t figure out for which sport. 

Back in the days when mixed religious families were not common, I was born into one. Reveling in both Christmas and Chanukah, Easter and Passover, we considered ourselves to have the best of both worlds. Though not very religious, we attended an after school and Sunday Hebrew School at the local conservative synagogue. Inexplicably I was drawn to everything Jewish, and later decided to attend a seminary for young ladies exploring their Jewish roots. This led me into becoming religious.

In those days kids at 12 years-old could get a special work permit to have a newspaper route. This was typically 1-1.5 hours a day delivering newspapers to homes and businesses after school. This is how I began working at the age of 10, correct, without a permit. My oldest brother, at 12 years-old, got a permit and was given a paper route close to our house. This particular route had more customers and was longer than normal. It was 45 papers a day over 1.5 miles and took at least two hours on the best day. Weekly collection days, Thurs-Sat., took at least four hours. After deciding that this was to much, my oldest brother gave it over to my older brother, 11 at the time, who then passed it on to me. I worked at it for over a year until I broke my foot and had to give it up. But a couple of months later, with a healed foot, I was handed off another paper route from my older brother and worked continuously full or part time since.

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Contact Malka

Currently I reside in Tzfat Israel.

Since most types of sessions are done via the internet you can schedule a session with me from anywhere in the world.

The one exception is QHHT sessions which can only be done in person. All QHHT sessions are done in Tzfat Israel unless I'm traveling abroad, in which case I'm more than happy to facilitate sessions wherever I'm traveling to.

The best ways to reach me are;



Use my online calendar to schedule a time to talk via Zoom: 

So that’s my out-of-the-box beginnings of sports, work and religion, three areas which played major roles in my life. But what about medicine…

One summer, when I was 12 years-old, we were playing tag in a park. Taking a break and stretching upwards, I felt something shift in my back, followed by a sharp pain. The doctors called it Lower Back Syndrome, and said that it would come and go for the rest of my life. For the rest of the summer and the first half of the next school year any type of sport was out of the question. Moving the wrong way or even a jarring step off a curb would set off a shooting pain that stopped me in my tracks, literally. There were times when all I could do was lay curled up in bed, and I was just 12 years-old.

Not long before this my Father had injured his back at work. A chiropractor, who was at that time considered way-out alternative medicine, got him back on his feet again. So, my Father took me to the chiropractor who got things under control and eventually healed my back. This was my start in alternative medicine.

In my mid 20s I used Nero Linguistic Programing, (NLP) to get past a severe suicidal depression, without drugs.

In my late 20s I was introduced to Homeopathy. The full page of issues which I brought to the first session included allergies, Hypoglycemia, Psoriasis, severe PMS, ingrown toenails, migraines, depression, etc. Over a period of years everything was taken care of and cured except for an ingrown toenail every now and again.

At the age of 33 I was exposed to chemical fumes which left me blind. Over a period of two years, using various forms of alternative medicine, I regained some peripheral vision and taught myself how to read.

What was interesting was at this same time my spiritual, intuitive, metaphysical powers exploded, though I didn’t realize what was happening at the time. I had always had some intuition, dreams which came true, and knowings. But I was so busy learning how to adapt to my new situation that I just chalked all of the visions and things coming through up to being strange dreams, day dreams, etc. 

When I was 50, I spent a year and a half helping out my parents while my Mother was sick with and eventually passed away from ALS. 
After this I found Tony Robins on YouTube. This led to me eventually taking the basic Robbins-Madanes Coach Training program. Shortly after I finished this they opened a Mastery course consisting of five programs. Try as I may, I couldn’t find the money to pay for it. Then, two days before registration closed, a friend who I hadn’t spoken to for many months, called out of the blue and said “I just got an inheritance, can you use anything?” And so, I was the first student to sail through the Mastery course.


Unexpectedly, the Mastery coaching program fueled my intuitive processes. So, after finishing the program I took on a spiritual coach to learn more about them and get things under control. During this time, I came across QHHT. Being attracted to it because of what it said it could accomplish, and also because hypnosis was talked about but not really taught in the coaching program, I delved into QHHT and became a Level 2 practitioner. 


It was around this time that a friend sent me a link to Dr. Eben Alexander’s near-death experience (NDE), and seemingly miraculous recovery from bacterial meningitis, which was medically documented. I was amazed but chalked it up to a miracle. Shortly after this the same friend sent me a link to Anita Moorjani talking about her NDE and seemingly miraculous recovery from stage four Lymphoma, also medically documented. This was too much. The statement “once is a miracle, twice is repeatable” ran through my head and the quest was on. But it wasn’t till I read Anita’s book “Dying To Be Me” that the process became clear and The Divine Reveal (TDR) was born.


Working with groups of volunteers, heavily researching online, and throwing everything that I had learned about hypnosis, energy, coaching and consciousness into it, TDR developed into a process unparallelled in the world of hypnosis and quantum. Not only is there an exploratory process to see if this is suited for the client, but there’s preparation sessions, the main hypnosis/guided meditation session, and follow-up coaching, support groups and tools adapted to the client.


In short, this is not a process for someone who wants a quick fix. It’s for someone who’s serious about regaining their total health and is willing to put in the effort.


This is my story on one foot, the quick version, though it’s longer than most bio’s. Hopefully it gives you a little feel for who I am and perhaps a sense of if you’d like to have a conversation and see if one of the processes that I work with is right for you. 

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