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Quantum Healing

Hypnosis Technique QHHT

A Quantum Healing Session

What is QHHT?

QHHT is a quantum healing technique developed by Delores Cannon over a fifty-year period of time. Delores taught this technique to many practitioners and after her passing, her daughter Julia now continues teaching this process. There are three levels of practitioners who train in person and/or via web. 

  • A certified level 1 practitioner is fully capable of holding life changing QHHT sessions since they are fully trained. 

  • A certified level 2 practitioner undergoes a second round of training after completing at least a specified number of sessions.

  • A certified level 3 practitioner is certified that they are capable of doing the QHHT process the way Delores taught it. They are required to do a specified minimal number of sessions and undergo testing specifically for this. In addition, they must comply with many other requirements and recertify on a regular basis. 

How Does QHHT Work?

The goal of a QHHT session is to open a dialogue with the client’s subconscious, (higher self), in order to find out what’s happening, why, and how to resolve it.

To facilitate this one long, (typically 4-7 hour), session is utilized. The client prepares a list of questions, issues and topics which they’d like to explore and have resolved. These can range from physical to emotional, relationship, career, or almost anything else you can think of.

While the job of the conscious mind is to limit our experience so that we can function in the world, the job of the subconscious is the opposite. It takes in and stores all of the information coming in on all levels. Later when this information is needed it can then be accessed for the person’s benefit. Hypnosis and guided meditation are ways of accessing this information. 

Pain and dis-ease are looked at as the body’s attempt to signal us and let us know that there is a problem brewing. Once we get the message and are committed to act on it, there is no longer a reason for the messenger, and healing can occur.


For More Information

Feel free to email


Or use this button to schedule a time to talk via my online calendar. 

Next Steps

This session typically entails preparation, a 4-7 hour session, preparing and sending the recording and a follow-up  coaching session. 

The recommended fee is $444 but you can adjust the amount at checkout to be whatever you wish.

The next step is to schedule a time to speak with me using this button.

Who Cannot Have a QHHT Session?

  • Someone who cannot attend an in-person session

  • Young children, they must be at least 16 years old and mature.

  • People with mental health issues affecting their cognitive processing 

  • People with hearing difficulties who cannot hear and respond to the voice of the practitioner

  • Someone who cannot relax and trust a practitioner enough to go into a trance state

  • Someone who is not conscious

  • Someone who does not have enough strength and energy for a 4-7 hour long session


Some of the above can benefit from a TDR session.

All of the above can benefit from a surrogate session.


When your ready to pay for and schedule your session use this link.

What Does a QHHT Session Entail?

  1. The client and practitioner have a phone conversation where the practitioner explains the process and answers the client’s questions. Besides this the focus is to see if this process is appropriate for the client and if the client and practitioner are a good match. 

  2. With the agreement on a date and time a confirmation email is sent to the client with preparation instructions and the location of the session.

  3. QHHT sessions can only be done in person and generally entails the client traveling to the location where the practitioner holds sessions.

  4. Prior to the session, the client prepares a list of issues, questions and topics they’d like to have addressed by their subconscious.

  5. When the client arrives for the session, he/she sits with the practitioner and discusses the client's background and the list. (1.5-3 hours)

  6. The client lies down and hypnosis or guided meditation is then used to bring the client into a theta brain wave state

  7. This part of the session encompasses both a past life regression and a question-and-answer session where they client’s subconscious is asked the questions on the list, and healing is addressed. (2-3 hours)

  8. Afterwards the client and practitioner sit and talk about the session and after instructions are given. (30 minutes)

  9. The client is emailed a recording of the main part of the session to listen to and reinforce all of the healing, shifts and growth which occurred during the session.

  10. Due to my coaching background, a follow-up coaching session which takes place by phone or Zoom a week after the session, is also included. (1 hour)

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