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Which One Is Right For Me?

What's the difference between
The Divine Reveal (TDR) and (QHHT)
Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique?


  • Utilize hypnosis or guided meditation

  • Facilitate the client connecting with deeper aspects of their self

  • Produce dramatic results on the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic levels

TDR is a quantum health process.

  • It focuses on the restoration of health through shedding the many layers which have built up over the years through traumas, difficult upbringing, society, etc.

  • In it the client is brought to a dimension similar to a NDE (Near Death Experience). Here their pure essence is experienced in connection with Source. Everything gained is brought back and the focus shifts to maintaining and growth.

  • This is a young process developed by Malka Ahern utilizing the gamma brain wave state. In addition to the main 2-4 hour session there are preparation and follow-up coaching sessions plus support groups. Everything is done via internet and recordings are sent for all individual sessions.

  • This process is best for individuals who would like the support and are willing to put in the effort to get the most out of their session.

QHHT is a quantum healing session

  • It focuses on opening a conversation with the subconscious/higher self to find out why difficulties are happening and what needs to be done to get past each one.

  • In the session the client experiences a past life regression and then a question and answer session with healing from the higher self. 

  • The technique was developed by Dolores Cannon over a forty-year period. It’s done in one 4-7 hour in person session utilizing the theta brain wave state. After the session the client then receives a recording to continue on their own.

  • In addition to the standard QHHT process I offer a follow-up coaching session as part of the package.

  • This process is best for people who are highly self-motivated and would rather just have the session, listen to the recording and move forward on their own.


BQH Surrogate Session (BQHSS)

  • In these quantum health sessions, I act as the surrogate for the client and an experienced BQH practitioner facilitates the session.

  • The client is not present but receives a recording of the main part of the session to listen to.

  • Support on many levels are given prior to and after the session and there is an option for longer term coaching support.

  • The surrogate session is ideal for an individual who cannot have a quantum health or healing session on their own. It can also be an option for someone who has not found relief through other processes and feel that they may be blocking or self-sabotaging their own progress.

Quantum Pain Relief (QPR)

  • The foundation of this process is energy, emotions and quantum concepts

  • In this 1-1.5 hour session a single pain source is worked with to achieve significant pain relief within the session.

  • If the client has multiple pains the source of each needs to be worked with in a different session.

  • This is ideal for someone who hasn’t experienced a lot of trauma and who only has one issue to work with. The other quantum processes are highly recommended for people who have had lots of life experiences and/or have various health and pain issues and challenges.

Quantum Health Coaching

  • Strategic Intervention Coaching is utilized for rapid results which have an immediate and ongoing impact on the client’s life.

  • This can be an add on to any of the above processes or if you just want support along your quantum health journey. 

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