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Quantum Pain Relief

Quantum Healing Sessions

What is Pain?

Pain is a signal, which most often comes through our bodies, to let us know that there is a problematic situation going on which needs to be addressed. The trick is that while it most often comes through on the physical level, the sources can be physical, mental, emotional, energetic and/or spiritual. This is why you can have two people with the same exact physical issue and one can be in intense pain and the other relatively minor pain, or pain free.

While pain is meant to be a defense mechanism, long term ongoing pain wears down the bearer on all levels and can completely incapacitate the person’s ability to function, and worse.

Pain has become a major issue in many societies today. The thing about many types of pain is that the doctors don’t know why it’s coming or how to resolve it. When we use pain killers it’s like putting a sticker over the red engine light on the cars dashboard so that you feel more comfortable while attempting to ignore the issue. But as we all know this just exacerbates the problem at hand.

What is Quantum Pain Relief (QPR)

QPR utilizes quantum principles to uncover, minimize and even resolve the pain from its source. Being that the Quantum principles revolve around energy and consciousness effecting down to the physical level, these sessions can be done in person or from afar. While sessions are done in English, an interpreter can be utilized if needed.


Generally, only one pain source can be worked with during a session, which typically runs 1-1.5 hours.

A Typical Remote Session

  • Is run over Zoom

  • The client needs to wear comfortable clothes and have a comfortable place to relax during the session

  • We discuss and quantify the pain being worked with

  • Energy is utilized to assist the client’s energy body to begin making shifts

  • A discovery process is utilized to locate the emotions entangled in the pain and the source of the entanglement

  • The entanglement is then sorted out and new potentialities are brought in to move forward with

  • The pain is then re-assessed and we check into what else is needed

  • In most sessions an 80% or more reduction of pain is noted with continued progress in the next day or two

  • The client receives a recording of the session to listen to and reinforce the process and gains. 


For More Information

If you would like to find out more about this process and if it is right for you... 



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To Schedule a Session

The recommended fee is $111 USD for a 1-1.5 hour session, but can be set to any amount you desire at checkout.

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