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BQH Surrogate Sessions

A Quantum Healing Session

Why Consider a Surrogate Session?

Not everyone is in the position to have a quantum health or healing session. Some are in a physical condition where they don’t have the stamina or ability. Some are shut down mentally or emotionally or are in fear states and cannot let go enough to go with the trance states. Then there are young children and older adults who are not candidates for hypnosis. But just because one is not able to have a session doesn’t mean that they can’t benefit from quantum health and healing processes. Surrogate sessions are ideal for this.

What is a Surrogate Session?

A Surrogate Session is a quantum process where someone else stands in for the client. This person connects with the client on energetic and consciousness levels, for the process to be done through them. These sessions are highly effective in moving the ball down the line in a way which otherwise could not be practically achieved. There are many ways of doing surrogate sessions and two in particular which I am involved in.

As part of a QHHT session, a parent, relative or close friend can have a surrogate session done for them. During the session a connection with the subconscious of the other person can be requested. If the other person’s subconscious accepts ,healing is done directly with them.

The second process is done during a BQH session fully dedicated to the client. I team up with a BQH practitioner who becomes the facilitator and I am the surrogate for the client. Generally, I work with a BQH practitioner who is both very experienced and intuitive. In addition to my ability to form the strong bond with the client’s subconscious needed for the session, I am also able to remain open on multiple levels and assist the practitioner from behind the scenes, working with the client’s subconscious to achieve the most impactful session possible.

What Does a Session Entail?

  • A conversation between either the client or the person arranging the session and one of the two practitioners participating

  • A surrogate session form is filled out by the client or person arranging the session

  • Questions about the form are answered via email or a phone conversation

  • The session takes place without the client being present

  • The client will receive an audio recording of the main part of the session to listen to and reinforce the healing

  • If any instructions were delivered during the session these will need to be followed through on by the client

  • Typically there are follow-up conversations and emails including information which often comes through after the session


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Next Steps

This session typically entails preparation, a 3-4 hour session and follow-up by two practitioners. 

The recommended fee is $333 but you can adjust the amount at checkout to be whatever you wish.

The next step is to schedule a time to speak with Malka using this link.


When you're ready, use this link to register and pay for a session .

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