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Quantum Health Coaching

A Quantum Health Assist On Your Journey

Quantum, Health & Coaching

Combining the principles of…

  • Quantum Physics: shows how, on the subatomic level, consciousness affects the physical world

  • Quantum Health: incorporates the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energy bodies to bring about a state of health

  • Strategic Intervention Coaching: a high impact, results driven form of coaching developed by Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes.

Together they form a powerful support system for anyone on their quantum health journey, with practical results as the main focus

A Hand Up

What would it be like to have someone accompanying you on your journey?

  • Someone who has walked this road before and gotten many tips and learned many tricks to smooth the path…

  • Someone who can give you a hand up at difficult points along the way…

  • Someone with experience in high impact coaching… 


We all know 
that a journey of a thousand miles starts with just one step, 
but since we’re all in the middle of our journey, 
it’s important to recognize where we’re up to
in order to determine the many possibilities
that our next step can be



The perspectives in the quantum world are often very different than the textbooks in schools. With the quantum field encompassing all possibilities and waves of energy filling all space, our world is filled with meaning and impact as our actions and energy ripple throughout the cosmos. 

Understanding and integrating the many concepts and perspectives empowers us to take our lives into our own hands and gain mastery over all aspects of our health and wellness.

How Old Are Your Patterns?

Even before we are born we begin absorbing the world around us, how much more so after we’re born and direct influence is applied.

As we grow up adapting and adjusting to the best of our ability we establish many patterns and habits as coping mechanisms. The difficulty comes in when we continue utilizing these as we grow up or out of situations. These habits and patterns often become restrictions and limitations on our life and can affect every area of our wellbeing.

The first challenge is recognizing the patterns, since we've been doing them for so long that they often feel like a natural part of us.

After this comes a second challenge of establishing new patterns and effectively replacing the old ones.


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A Typical Coaching Session

  • Is held over Zoom

  • Runs for 60 minutes

  • Will have several action take-a-ways

  • Will be accompanied by homework

  • You will receive an audio copy of the session

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  • 6 weekly sessions $555

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  • 13 weekly sessions $1,111

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