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QHHT & Healing

QHHT What & Why - Video by Heather Gunn

This is a 13 minute video made by Heather Gunn, a registered nurse and QHHT practitioner in Canada.

hy Do People Heal... Or Don't?!

Adapted from the work of Olesya Marsh

"Working with people in trance hypnosis (Quantum Healing Hypnosis, QHHT) I feel privileged to be able to witness their transformations. But as much as I want every single client to walk away completely healed from all of their afflictions (emotional and physical) after just one QHHT session, this is not always the reality in every case.


Some people do get it all resolved and walk away free to begin a different life journey to the one they had previously, even having had achieved physical healing!


Other people walk away with some relieve, deep personal revelations, new understanding of themselves and their life lessons, may be some healing or some sense of new direction, but not everything is clear and resolved, there is more inner work to be done OR healing takes some time to fully manifest.


Where does the healing come from and what makes it so different for everyone?!


Here is the fact! There are people in the world, and I even know of some personally, who have healed their ongoing, life long, or even medically incurable conditions with natural ways such as juicing, raw diet, herbs, cannabis oil, essential oils, meditation or other non-chemical non-medical ways and even with positive thinking alone!


The approaches may have been different, but there was also something all of these people who succeeded had in common - BELIEF! They believed they COULD heal, they believed what they were doing WOULD heal them, they did everything that felt right and natural to them, they kept their focus and they healed!


And even in allopathic (modern) medicine the same treatment may work for some people, but not for others with no obvious reason why it shouldn't, there are some who argue that it is the patient's BELIEF in their doctor or the prescribed treatment, that makes it work. Placebo Effect is the phenomenon that demonstrates such power of belief where patients heal, often instantly, after taking the medicine, which they are told is a new miracle cure when in fact they were given a "sugar pill".


We can therefore logically conclude that beyond the fact that we can heal ourselves:




This kind of statement may make some of you feel angry. You may feel it is unfair to say that all you need is to belief in your healing and you will magically cure your diabetes, or cancer, or heart disease, or eczema... You are right! There is much more to this statement, and yes, it is not that easy. IF you don't know or understand what we ARE exactly and HOW we work on ALL levels of our being, not just visible physical one.


If you kindly allow me the gift of your time, I hope to share with you what I (personally) know to be true. You can then decide if it resonates with you or not. And if it does not please disregard this message, you are not challenged or being called to agree with anything, and I am not inviting you to debate this matter. It is really OK. But if this message resonates with you, I hope you will take away something of positive use and benefit for your life and well-being.


You see in our society, where we are so deeply conditioned to comply with the system and the commonly accepted views, SELF-BELIEF is a very rare commodity! We are conditioned to be focused externally, outside of ourselves, looking for answers and solutions away from our inner guidance and instincts.


We look at all of our painful inner experiences (mental, emotional, physical) as suffering, it is of course un-wanted and it seems so much easier to distract or even medicate ourselves away from this internal pain. Unfortunately, this method doesn't work too well! Because we often find that once we are done "distracting", the pain returns and even intensifies, or the condition becomes chronic.


When we engage in distracting ourselves away from our internal suffering, it means we deny our own inner voice. This voice communicates to us through our feelings and emotions or even physical sensation about our own needs, wants and desires or if these internal experiences are painful - unfulfilled needs, wants or desires. This voice is always there informing us about how we perceive the reality, ourselves or others, it lets us know if we do not feel safe, or that something unfair is going on, it calls us to attention, to take responsibility of the kind of reality we are creating and to take charge.


When we are not present in our bodies, when we do not hear or listen to this voice, the message becomes more intense and even painful. In reality this voice is calling us back to the source of our truth and well-being. The longer we remain away from this source the more damage we experience internally in the form of emotional, mental and eventually physical suffering.


The TRUTH of our SOURCE is that we are safe, we are loved, we are well, there is nothing wrong with us, nothing can harm us, it is our right to be well, our right to be happy. And when we return to these truths we regain our well-being automatically, as we are THEN once again at one with our source.


Where does this voice come from?! It comes from your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is the part of you that holds the totality of all of your experiences, it records everything and then informs (attracts) all of your external experiences as a way of reflecting to you your inner truth (state of being) at any given time. It does not judge (it has no ego), it does not discern between good or bad (it doesn't operate within duality of our 3D world).


The Subconscious Mind reflects to you and informs you FAITHFULLY about your PERCEPTIONS, which actually form your BELIEFS about yourself and the world around you. Your perceptions and beliefs create the appropriate EMOTIONS within your subconscious mind, and then you FEEL them as FEELINGS in your physical BODY. Do you see the link between your THOUGHTS and physical FEELINGS?!


The science has already proven that we exist in the vibration based universe and vibrationally draw to ourselves all of our experiences. Albert Einstein said: "Find the frequency of the reality you want and you can't help but get that reality"! Any emotion (feeling) you experience has a frequency, this frequency then draws to you the reality to which it is a vibrational match!


So! BELIEFS you hold within your subconscious mind determine how you experience your INTERNAL and EXTERNAL reality. In that sense, self-harming, self-sabotaging, self-limiting, self-loathing, self-depreciating, self-destructive beliefs, in truth, place you outside of your own Source of well-being and as a result of that you experience these beliefs as painful feelings and emotions, which, if allowed to exist within you long enough, may begin to create various physical discomforts, ailments and even life long and life threatening conditions and dis-eases!


Sounds simple enough: change these self-limiting beliefs and you will automatically return to your source of well-being and heal! This process is not that straightforward for everyone and can be very complex for some. The problem is we are conditioned not to question our reality and also the ongoing abuse human beings inflict on each other in the form of mental and emotional bullying or even physical harm.


When we finally begin to question and challenge our beliefs many of us find the true roots and causes of all of our limitations buried deep in our childhood, we then have to address the traumas, negative programmings, the internal decisions we made about the nature of reality and our relationship with others, based on whether we perceived ourselves to be safe, loved and wanted.


As children we internalize and personalize everything, it is all our responsibility and everything happens because we caused it to happen. This is simple truth of how our child part of the subconscious mind functions, without exception!


No matter what our grownups do to us, no matter how unfair or even unthinkable are their behaviors, the child within us takes it to be his or her fault and responsibility. Eventually, from such harmful mental perceptions, powerful deep rooted negative beliefs are formed about ourselves, others and the world. Our instinct is to survive so we suppress these parts of us, which hold the original painful experiences and disconnect from our awareness of them, denying their existence out of fear, shame or simply to avoid the internal pain.


And so we are completely unaware that the reason nothing seems to work, no matter what positive steps we take or spiritual practices we engage in to improve our lives or health, is because in the depth of our own subconscious mind we BELIEVE that we are not loved, or not safe, not wanted, we are alone, or the most common and most fundamentally powerful one - "I DON'T DESERVE IT"!


These deeply rooted negative beliefs continue to drive our emotions to the surface, attracting the experiences into our lives which resonate with the original wound and which intensify our negative emotional response to life. All in the effort to bring your attention to the true cause of your suffering, - the internal negative belief, which holds you outside of your source of well-being.


This is the process in its very simple basic form. There are many other inner realities which often come into play.


So the work of healing is done on many different levels of your Being (your Mind). You may hold these powerful negative limiting beliefs within your current physical body (inner child); emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, past lives; or often ALL of them.


Bottom line is all of this information and the keys to your inner liberation are rooted deep within the levels of your own Mind (conscious, subconscious and super conscious). You have ALL the information; you hold ALL the answers to everything in your reality!


The actual healing then is the journey of changing (undoing) ALL beliefs that would keep you away from the SOURCE of your natural well-being! It may take some time to uproot them all, it may not... How you travel this journey, or even if you choose to do at all, is always personal and unique to you!


And again... your feelings and emotions are the keys to all the levels of your mind. This is where all of us, healers, come in. All healers work on the level of your experiences, whether mental (thoughts), emotional (energy) or physical (feelings), or even all three (as we do in Quantum Healing, QHHT), - the Healer's tools, techniques or modalities effect the way you FEEL.


I personally believe and refer as a healer to anyone in a helping field or occupation. If you are a QHHT practitioner and/ or hypnotherapist (like myself), massage therapist, kinesiologist, aromatherapist, reiki practitioner, reflexologist, yoga teacher, counselor, intuitive consultant, home career, nurse or part of any other profession or practice that allows you access to people's hearts, minds and souls - you are a Healer!


Going even deeper into the truth, the Healer is simply a FACILITATOR of healing, the only ACTUAL HEALER in this world is the person him or herself! We can certainly heal ourselves, but as practicing Healers we merely FACILITATE healing for others. Each modality or healing tradition has its own way of helping you free yourself on some level and eventually return to a space of your natural well-being. But your FREE WILL cooperation is essential for any technique to work!


You will often hear Healers say that ALL HEALING IS SELF HEALING. Unfortunately, not everyone can truly internalize and appreciate this statement. I hope the above has served and helped your deeper understanding of the self liberating power of this truth.


Abraham (Esther Hicks) was once asked: "Can people re-grow their severed limps?" To which Abraham replied: "When you BELIEVE you can, you WILL!"



Reprinted and adapted with permission from Olesya Marsh

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