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Spiritual Awakening Support Community

Free Zoom Group

This group is for anyone who is on their spiritual path and would like support and community. All are welcome to join.

There will be an emphasis on assisting newbies, but a newbie can be considered anyone who is working on finding their footing and advancing. It doesn’t matter whether you are in the first few years of your journey, or have had things going on for quite some time but are just beginning to dive into them now.

And if you have been on your journey for a long time and would like support, companionship and community along the way, please do sign up. There is the possibility of starting multiple groups for multiple needs, depending on the needs of the participants.

The basic meeting flow will be a one hour presentation/discussion on a predetermined topic and then half an hour of open discussion.

There is no fee for participation in this group.

A laptop with a video conference in progress sits on a table

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