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Quantum Pain Relief

The Freedom To Be Me

What Is Pain?

Pain is a signal, which most often comes through our bodies, to let us know that there is a problematic situation going on which needs to be addressed. The trick is that while it most often comes through on the physical level, the sources of than can be physical, mental, emotional, energetic and/or spiritual. This is why you can have two people with the same exact physical issue and one can be in intense pain and the other relatively minor pain or pain free.


While pain is meant to be a defense mechanism, long term ongoing pain wears down the bearer on all levels and can completely incapacitate the person’s ability to function, and worse.

Pain has become a major issue in many societies today. The thing about many types of pain is that the doctors don’t know why it’s coming or how to resolve it besides giving pain killers. When we use pain killers it’s like putting a sticker over the red engine light on the cars dashboard so that you feel more comfortable while attempting to ignore the issue. But as we all know this just exacerbates the issue at hand.

Quantum Pain Relief

QPR utilizes quantum principles to uncover, minimize and even resolve the pain from its source. Being that the Quantum principles revolve around energy and consciousness effecting down to the physical level, these sessions can be done in person or from afar. While sessions are done in English, an interpreter can be utilized if needed. Generally, only one pain source can be worked with during a session, which typically runs 1-1.5 hours.


Stopping Old Patterns


A Hand Up

Before the QHHT session I was intrigued by the method and I felt excited for the opportunity to consider the areas of of my life that I most wanted to see change. How refreshing to write down questions about my life and to ask ask my subconscious mind to solve them. In the session, I was fascinated at the places my mind did go. Memories that were long buried, surfaced and even though their significance was not at all obvious, the string of unexpected thoughts and memories that emerged were clearly coming from a state of subconscious openness.  Still, I left that afternoon unaware of the power of what had just transpired.                                                                             And then, boom! I never could have anticipated the degree of instantaneous change that I experienced from just one session. I feel like overnight I have finally become the person I always wanted to be. EFORTLESSLY! That's the beauty of it. No more self criticism, no more guilt, no more cajoling myself. The conflicts surrounding these issues have vanished. I am free to just be. I feel a level of peace that I have never known. It has been a month since the hypnosis and I am still constantly pleased and amazed at the lasting change. Malka Ahern, I am so grateful for your total and utter non-judgmental manner, your sharp insight, and your fine-tuned skill which helped me achieve this so critical and longed-for change which transforms and deepens my most personal relationships. 


(Three weeks later)

I am a DIFFERENT mother. Especially with my 25 year old daughter, but my 11 year old is also benefiting greatly. This change came just at the right time for her, because approaching teen years when children tend to pull away.  Hashem bless you with success, this method is powerful!

S.K., Brooklyn, NY

Even before we are born we begin absorbing the world around us, how much more so after we’re born and direct influence is applied. As we grow up adapting and adjusting to the best of our ability we establish many patterns and habits as coping mechanisms. The difficulty comes in when we continue utilizing these as we grow up or out of the situations. These habits and patterns often become restrictions and limitations on our life and can affect every area of our wellbeing.
The first challenge is recognizing the patterns, since we've been doing them for so long that they often feel like a natural part of us.
After this comes a second challenge of establishing new patterns and effectively replacing the old ones.

Activating Potentials

My journey with alternative forms of healing started as a teen when a chiropractor took  care of a back issue that the doctors said would be around the rest of my life. Later NLP, Homeopathy and Strategic Intervention Coaching would each do their part in resolving “incurables”. After having studied and practiced the latter three I found QHHT’s approach of getting to the core and resolving even physical issues in just one session to be extremely effective and refreshing.

So it was no surprise when a friend sent a link to Eben Alexander’s talk about his near death experience (NDE) and miraculous recovery. While this had me amazed after hearing Anita Moorjani’s story of her NDE and similarly miraculous recovery my mind was now racing. This was obviously repeatable, and so The Divine Reveal  was born.  

Malka is a former student of the Tony Robbins & Cloe Madanes Mastery Coaching program and a level 2 practitioner of the Dolores Cannon Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT).
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